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[2004] Priest Władysław Bochnak

Władysław Bochnak priest, professor, doctor – born in 1934 in Groń near Nowy Targ. He studied theology in Wrocław; he was ordained a priest on 14 August 1960. He undertook duties of a vicar in Milicz (1960-1963), then he worked in Chojnów (1963-1965) and in the Holy Trinity parish in Legnica. He was a parish-priest in Bogatynia from 1968 to 1971. He was a priest of sick people and charity director in the diocese. In 1974 gained the title of Master of Arts by the Catholic University in Lublin, and a degree of Doctor in 1984 by the Pope’s Theological Academy in Cracow. He gave lectures on history of monastic orders and theology of monastic life. He was a honorary chaplain of the Holy Father (1981), a dean of the Legnica-West Deanery (1989), an apostolic pronotary (1993), vicar general of the Ordinary of Legnica. In 1994 he became a member of the newly established Legnica chapter as its provost. In 1988 cardinal H. Gulbinowicz appointed him a parish-priest of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul parish in Legnica to prepare the church to function as a new Cathedral of the Legnica Diocese. At the same time he was appointed Chaplain of the Army and Police in Legnica.
In 1991, acting in concert with the Voivod (Head of Province) of Legnica, the Mayor of the City, army and police bodies and other organizations, he prepared the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Legnica. Władysław Bochnak was an organizer and coordinator of the construction of the monument of the Holy father John Paul II. He participated in the preparation of the pilgrimage of the Pope to Legnica, as well as in the construction of a monument commemorating the 760th anniversary of the Battle of Legnica and 2000 years of Christianity in the Orlęta Lwowskie [Lvov’s Eaglets] Square. He is an author of several scientific publications; he is a lecturer of the Theological Seminary in Legnica. He gives lectures for candidates for doctor’s degree at the Pope’s Theological Faculty in Wrocław.