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[2010] Kazimierz Pleśniak

An activist and educator of children and young people, a winner of many prizes and rewards for voluntary activities in aid of children, young people and disabled persons.

Born on 04 March 1945 in Dubiecko (Przemyśl county), he has been connected with Legnica since 1957. Even as a teacher he was involved in voluntary activity at the Polish Scouting Organisation, fulfilling in the years 1970-1975 the post of a voluntary deputy of the Legnica Troop Scoutmaster, and in the years 1980-1989 – a deputy of the Legnica Regiment Scoutmaster. Under his management the Legnica Regiment of the Polish Scouting Organisation was quickly found among the leaders in Poland.

In 1989 he inspired the foundation of the Youth Culture House in Legnica, called “Scout's House”, where he was a director from 1989. Thanks to the efficiently performed, very broad educational and cultural activity, which attracted a lot of Legnica young inhabitants to “the Scout”, the institution received the status of a “ Youth Palace” in 1994 along with only twelve other institutions in Poland. The “Scout” Youth Culture Centre promoted Legnica in Poland and abroad, winning prizes and rewards many a time, achieving numerous successes at international artistic reviews, and at the same time finding many sponsors, partners and friends. Its activity was broadened by care taking tasks, a community day-care room was created, travelling hostels started functioning, visiting children at their place of residence, organising games, bonfires, camps, etc. “The Scout's House” became also an important centre of patriotic education.

On the initiative of Kazimierz Pleśniak, the “Ecosong” National Festivals of Ecological Song and Christmas Nativity Scene Reviews have been organised every year since 1996. Also the artistic presentations of Youth Culture Centre organised in the theatre under the name “A heart for a heart” entered the city calendar of events.

Apart from the educational and pedagogical activities, in 1991 Kazimierz Pleśniak took up voluntary activity at Children's Friends' Association [CFA], reactivating links of this association at schools and educational institutions of the city and the Legnica subregion. He is a voluntary President of the City branch of the CFA, being at the same time a deputy president of the Province Board of the Association, and since 2007 he has been a member of the Main Board of the CFA.

The Legnica Branch of CFA, managed by him with great commitment, for many years has been bringing various types of help to ill children and also to children who come from large families and educationally inefficient ones. Especially many initiatives are taken up to give equal opportunities to disabled children and youth, by organising e.g. holidays in the form of prophylactic summer camps as well as rehabilitation and treatment camps for disabled children and their parents. The Association also gives very important material aid in the form of food gifts, presents on the Child's Day and from Santa Claus. It actively supports the activities of Family Children's Home, Occupational Therapy Workshops and other educational institutions in the city. The Children's Friends' Association has 874 voluntary members in Legnica. They are mainly teachers and young volunteers over 16.

Kazimierz Pleśniak is also a long-standing leader and activist in aid of disabled adult people. Thinking about them, he organises periodical culture and recreation events, charity actions and ParaOlympics. For the whole of his achievements and activities leading to occupational activation of disabled people he received the tile of a “Special Ice-Breaker” from the Polish Organisation of Disabled People's Employers in 2009.



Kazimierz Pleśniak