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[1996] Stanisław Misiek

Stanisław Misiek born on 30 April 1901 in Przygodzice (Ostrów Wielkopolski district), died on 29 April 1998. 

In 1919 when he was 18 years old he participated in the Wielkopolskie Insurrection for which he was honoured with the Cross of the Wielkopolskie Insurrection and the Knight’s Cross of the Regeneration of Poland. He participated as a soldier of the 11th Infantry Regiment of the Polish Army in 1920 in the Polish – Bolshevic War for which he was awarded with the Cross “For Participation in the War 1918-1921” in 1991.

During the battle of Skierniewice in 1939 he was taken prisoner by Germans and kept in a Nazi prison camp until 9 May 1945. Upon being liberated from the Nazi camp he came to Legnica on 17 December 1945, started his work for the Polish State Railways continuing it until 1964.
In the post-war period he was an active member of the combatants’ organization in Legnica.

Mr Stanisław Misiek was one of few still living participants of the Wielkopolskie Insurrection and one of few still living soldiers of the Polish – Bolshevic War.