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[1993] Tadeusz Gumiński

Tadeusz Gumiński (born on 26 October 1906, died on 23 August 2003 in Legnica) social activist, organizer of tourism, popularizer of knowledge on Legnica.
He spent his youth and studying years in Łowicz and Warsaw. Upon graduation from the Law Faculty he worked in Łuck in the East Borderlands (from 1934). He worked for the scouting movement and in tourist organizations. During the II World War he was in the conspiracy, he was a soldier of the Underground Home Army of Poland in the Zamość Region; after the war he was imprisoned, and during Stalin’s repressions a death sentence was pronounced against him. He was released from prison in 1950 on the strength of amnesty.
He settled with his family in Legnica in 1959. He was actively involved in tourism, and he was interested in the city’s history. He published historical articles in “Wiadomości Legnickie” [Legnica News]. He organized the Society for the Friends of Sciences which he chaired for many years actively and then honourably. Due to his involvement, the Copper Museum was established in 1962.; “Szkice Legnickie” magazine of which he was the editor (in the years 1965 – 1990) were published. He elaborated the first post-war monograph of the city (1977) and the first guide to Legnica. He was an active member of the local branch of the Polish Tourist Country-Lovers’ Association.
He was granted the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Legnica in 1993. He cooperated with the Society for the Friends of Sciences and the Copper Museum. The City Council made Tadeusz Gumiński a patron of one of streets in Legnica in 2006.