Legnica - Oficjalny Portal Miasta


Local incentives

The City Office of Legnica supports investors throughout the investment process by:

  • preparing information on the investment opportunities (including the sites offered for investment, office space, halls and warehouses);
  • providing assistance in finding the appropriate locations meeting the investor’s expectations;
  • assisting the investor in the administrative and legal procedures which the implementation of a project entails;
  • offering access to information on the economic and legal environment of the investment project;
  • ensuring follow-up support for companies (also supporting the companies which already operate in the City).

The City Office of Legnica strictly cooperates with the County Labour Office in Legnica, jointly supporting  investors in their search for employees.


Moreover, the City offers:

  • Access and the readiness of the City authorities to provide information support for investors in the scope of doing business in Legnica, including the explanation of the applicable administrative procedures, the handling of applications without undue delay and the involvement of its dependent entities (municipal companies, organisational units) which ar substantively competent in light of the character of the matter concerned;
  • The organisation of the local education system, taking into account the investors’ expectations, particularly, as regards vocational education, including the establishment of company-sponsored classes;
  • The unceasing development of infrastructure enhancing the transport accessibility of economic activity areas and improving the accessibility of utilities, e.g. by the construction or modernisation of water and wastewater networks with parameters consistent with the needs reported;
  • Consideration of the investors’ development needs by the preparation or amendment of local land use plans;
  • The optimisation of the municipal services, taking into account the needs reported by the investors, e.g. as regards the frequency of the collective transport services provided and the City bus transport routes, enabling employees to commute to their workplaces in line with the work shift systems at those workplaces and the number of commuting employees;
  • Support in the organisation of meetings and the involvement of entities which are external to the Municipality of  Legnica in order to address problems, applications or proposals related to their planned or implemented activities (e.g. in the scope of electricity or gas supplies, the formalities related to the expansion of a plant etc.).