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Press releases from the movie by Waldemar Krzystek "Mała Moskwa" ("Little Moscow")

Press releases from the movie by Waldemar Krzystek "Mała Moskwa" ("Little Moscow")

The love of the Red Star
In one week, the Legnica have seen in Poland as the first opportunity the movie from Waldemar Krzystek "Mała Moskwa" to ("Little Moscow"). The director tells him the story in the same time passionate and tragic love of a wife of the Soviet officer and a married Polish soldiers, noncommissioned officer in the interior of military service. This love, in the first half of the 60th Of the last century in Legnica / Legnica had happened from the beginning, no prospect of a happy ending. The totalitarian Soviet Union accepted neither treason and punished him severely. For the forbidden feeling of a foreigner could always be returned in the Soyuz, will be dismissed from the service, not be carried. This kind of repression were also all who claimed naively that their love for a non - citizens of the Soviet Union in the collision with the Empire wins at last, and their relationship is registered.
(The section of the article by Wojciech Kondusza in the weekly newspaper KONKRETY.PL, ...)

The big premiere of "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow"
On 17 September 2008 saw nearly 1500 of the film Liegnitzer
(News from the town hall in Legnica / Legnica 18.09.2008)

Everything must be like in Legnica / Legnica
- I'm getting older. Who should make this film? I think I know Russians. I have lived 150 meters from a Russian settlement. I was raised with them, I have such boys and Dima (in the movie Jurassic, the deceived husband) knew I was playing ball with them, sometimes we have beaten us. I even had a Russian bride ...
* Do not have committed suicide ...
- She has not done it, but they should, because we broke up (laughter). I know Russians, and designed in art image is not real. They are presented as gangsters, bandits and smugglers. I knew other Russians. Of course, they are cruel as KGB - Film Officer (Ickow and Godunov) was that certain things are done, because that was their trade. You were mean and grind, as well as under the poles. But I'm talking about black Russians differently than production. I think the worse relations among peoples, the more good things can do to such a film. By the way, there is nothing worse than making films about stereotypes. That is why Russians are not from my film cliches, they are not stereotypes, but people in the full, delicate and sensitive. Wiera falls in love with a Pole, so she says, but they are inwardly experienced suffering.
The story of the woman among the inhabitants of Legnica / Legnica is always alive, I once heard from my mother in the cemetery. I asked where are fresh flowers and candles on the grave of the Russian. My mother told me that she was the slave of love - tell how the people - has committed suicide. This is not a film about that woman and those men
I thought that I tell this story, and on this occasion I say something about Poland and Russia.
* In the film gives the viewer no clear answer as to whether the death was a suicide woman in love.
- The husband and daughter in fact know not what is happening with Wiera and it highlights even more the bitterness of the debate meaningless. For indeed, as we return to the past, we do not fully know what it is happening, what others know, what does not. But the film series, shown at a time on television, another simple answer. The family gets to know the circumstances Wieras death. In the movie I wanted to say less in order to raise awareness of the bitterness of this story.
* Do not be afraid of the accusations that they have made a film for women?
- I always make films for women.
* But this particular.
- I'm getting older ... but the men he likes to cry, they, too, and even professionals who know the tricks I use.
* "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" is a promising title.
- The only question is whether it is associated good or bad. How to persuade Poland to the Russian part played in the huge film? It could be original, because I do not know any Russian film that is played almost entirely in Polish ... and in Siberia it is certainly do (laughter). The ancients understood or Russian, for the young generation of Russian is just as foreign as American. My generation was forced to learn Russian. And it's not about the language, it is still the language of poets and scientists. The guilt of the system is based on a good place to teach us poetry, we have been taught political verses: "A chotiat'li Ruskije wojny". I have only met while studying the poetry of Puszkin.
* Do not be afraid that the movie is received as an anti-Russian?
- Fear had only Ickow Yuri, who played a ruthless Political Officer. After each scene, he came and asked if he has played well, that is, whether he has been a sufficient H. ... E? I answered "Haraszo, you played beautifully. You're so mean "" I played nicely, but I get a visa to Poland. "- He laughed ...
* The Russians Legnica have left 15 years earlier. The city has changed. What problems have you had during filming?
- It was high time that this image is created. Half of the decoration has been lost. The writer has lain for five years. Again and again it was missing money. Initial discussions with the administrative authorities of Legnica I have had in 2003. Then I searched for money and actors. Poiski pieriedołżalis. This is not an easy thing. But in Poland there is almost no Russian films. And before I had targeted the actors, I have seen 60 such films.
A few times we have documented scenes that were useful for the film. Then they have changed. Through these years the village has disappeared in the Rzeczpospolitastrasse, the Russian cinema was demolished, there is no square and no settlement at Krzywa more. From week to week next objects have failed. 2007 has been found that the siding was removed to the station (where the Russian trains stopped) and we're shooting a scene of the arrival of Wiera and her husband in Legnica. Finally I had to build this whole town with a Soviet red stars on the entrance gate in Breslau. The mother of Michal, the main character, lives in Maslic. This is also Breslau, but it is copied as closely as possible to Legnica ...
Tadeusz Kosarewicz: - All objects in his films to imitate Legnica. When we had turned "W zawieszeniu, we built a basement, but he did not like it, then there are some of them were and they were not right. Finally I say - We drive to your house to Legnica ...
- Leszek has seen the basement and asked if he would be. "Just such a" I answered. Now, he first reads the script, he asked for a week, during which time he goes to Legnica, searches or making the same decorations. Because everything must be like in Legnica.
(Sections of the interviews with the film director Honorata Rajca Waldemar Krzystek, the former inhabitants of Legnica / Legnica Because of the press conference after the premiere in Legnica, the publication in the weekly newspaper KONKRETY. PL, 24.09.2008)
"Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow"
The great success
This Saturday evening (September 20, 2008) and the television broadcast of the gala event of the 33rd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia expected the whole Legnica / Legnica with hope. "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" is - the most by Legnica / Legnica embossed film of all films of Legnica / Legnica from the Legnica-residents Waldemar Krzystek - noticed by the festival jury and appreciated ... Both of journalists and film critics? namely, that image was not counted favorites (...)
The culmination of the evening at the applause of the festival audience: The main prize of the 33rd Polish Film Festival "The Golden Lion" shall "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow"! The jury of the 33rd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia: Robert Glinski - Chairman of the jury, Janusz Anderman, Rudolf Biermann, Ryszard Horowitz, Sławomir Idziak, Edward Pallasz, Ewa Różewicz, Dorota Seida, Jerzy Zielinski added after the meeting on 19 September 2008 Grand Prize of the 33rd Polish Film Festival "The Golden Lion for best film the movie" Mała Moskwa "/" Little Moscow ", directed by Waldemar Krzystek 50.00 zloty in the amount awarded and the main prize at the 33rd Polish Film Festival "The Golden Lion awarded to the producers of the best film Paweł Rakowski. Svetlana Khodchenkova has received as lead actress in the movie "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" 15 000 zloty.
(News from the town hall in Legnica / Legnica on 22/09/2008)

Award winning "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow"
aroused controversy among filmmakers and critics
Many congratulations, others are jealous
The Film Festival in Gdynia always finds its echo. Talk about the success of some, about the scandal - other by the bestowal of the Golden Lion for "Mała
Moskwa "/" Little Moscow "by Waldemar Krzystek comment. One thing is certain. In the compilation of the film with the criticism for the first time out. Gdynia was Krzystek just a fight he won decidedly. The war began in the narrow circle of like film and book reviewer for the publication of the jury's decision and continues to this day. The festival was accompanied by a very long time not so great noise as this time.
(Bartholomew Rodak, articles in the Legnica weekly KONKRETY.PL "08.10.2008)

Trójkowo on filmowo "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow"
Who has turned on last Thursday by 21 clock of the radio station Trójka had the unique opportunity to hear the radio show "Club Trójki", this time completely Legnica / Legnica "Mała Moskwa" / Small Moscow
The guests of the program came to the Myśliwieckastr. immediately after the première of the film in the cinema Atlantic. Of the items leading Ryszard Jadźwiński invited into the studio real connoisseurs of the small Moscow problem. At the Disskusion took Waldemar Krzystek - film director, Lesław Żurek - co-star, Wojciech Kondusza historian, author of "Mała Moskwa - Rzecz o radzieckiej Legnicy" / "Little Moscow - the cause of Soviet Legnica", Franciszek Grzywacz - author of the book "Legnica za radzieckim murem" / "Legnica except the Russian wall" and Teresa Bochwic - journalist, deputy program director of the Polish Radio in part.
(Published by Tomasz Strzelecki in the weekly newspaper KONKRETY: PL, 19.11.2008)

The promotion of Legnica Calendar 2009
"On traces of the film by Waldemar Krzystek" Mała Moskwa "/" Little Moscow "
About 500 people arrived on Friday evening (November 28, 2008) in the hall on the Qubushotel to 2009 on the promotion of the latest Liegnitzer calendar
"On traces of the film by Waldemar Krzystek" Mała Moskwa "/" Little Moscow "to take part. Among them was Vladimir P. Kuzniecov, the Consul General of Russia in Poznan.
(News from the town hall in Legnica / Legnica 01.12.2008)

Five Polish Eagle for "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow"
On 9 March 2009 during the XI. Gala of Polish Eagle Awards 2009 (in Warsaw's National Theatre), the film received from Waldemar Krzystek "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" the most, because even 5, winged eagle statuettes. The work was nominated in eight categories.
(News from the town hall in Legnica / Legnica of 10.03.2009)

Waldemar Krzystek is the winner
the price of the city Legnica / Legnica
On 15 June 2009 in the Hall of Knights Academy was WALDEMAR KRZYSTEK awarded the Prize of the city of Legnica / Legnica. At the request of the Mayor Tadeusz Krzakowski the City Council this award in the amount of 15 thousand zloty has recognized the outstanding director.
(News from the town hall in Legnica / Legnica from 09.06.2009)

The trail of Belarus
It was found the family of Lidia Novikova, whose story was inspiration for the famous film. "Our mom is in the country Kustowicze, born 60 km from the border with Poland. In the village cemetery her parents were buried, the 35 years have died for her. Mother's brother lives in Brest Stepan Siergiejewicz, He has just made the mother in 1978 while serving in Poland the grave stone of white marble with the iron fence. "There is a section of the letter that the President of Legnica / Legnica on 21 December last year by Siergiej Zinowiewicz Novikov - son of buried in Legnica / Legnica received Lidia Novikova. She was a model of Wiera - the film actress in "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" by Waldemar Krzystek.
Only guess
On her grave were the words: "The daughter, mother, sister," engraved on it. Apart from these scanty information and oral traditions of individuals, who remembered the story of tragic love that played in the sixties of last century, had the director and screenwriter, no more clues.
- It is only known that the Russian, who was certainly the mother has fallen in love with a Pole, and probably because of this forbidden love she was killed. Only that I have experienced many years ago by my mother. The rest mean nothing but conjecture, which relate to the truth about people, their emotions - Waldemar Krzystek recalls.
Therefore, the majority of film history is a fiction that was invented by the screenwriter of the film in favor. Now, however, to find again my family, no, new facts from the life of people living in the small Moscow young Russian woman, which, as it turned out, had no daughter but two sons to come to light.
Lift the veil of secrecy
When the mother died, Siergiej is eight years old, his older brother - twelve. We do not know what happened to boys as to how the fate of the orphaned children and widowed husband is more lost. In the letter is not a word on the subject. Its author is more sparse in words. It is known that Siergiej is now 53 years old and that he lives in Minsk. The last time he visited with his wife, his mother's grave in April 2006. "Next year we plan for the whole family in Legnica / Legnica come. We would like to meet with you, with witnesses of the events of 44 years ago, and with the film director. Perhaps we the veil of secrecy to reveal the death of my mother. "- We read in the letter.
Waldemar Krzystek tells us that, he is interested in new facts from the life of Novikova.
- You are definitely different feelings associated with this story than we are. If it would be just such a possibility, I like to meet with this family. I hope we get more notice than we have hitherto known. Perhaps there is still something of it? Maybe you have to "Mała Moskwa 2" / "Little Moscow 2" position? - Considering the director.
(Sections of the article by Bartholomew Rodak in Legnica weekly KONKRETY.PL "06 .01.2010)

A never ending story
The series "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" in the Polish TV station TVP1 early as March. It is not excluded that the second part is the film series.
It is surprising, but the theme of the film "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" seems to have no end. Again and again released new facts or events provide constant food sources. The film story of love with Legnica / Legnica in the background is a constant emotion. Especially due to the movie, the family of Lidia Novikova was found from which the track has disappeared with her death.
Rarely it happens that the film lives with his own life. It relates only cult works. "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" by Waldemar Krzystek has such a chance to be such. It is awarded at festivals and appreciated, it is seen by mass audiences, noted by critics.
(Sections of the article by Bartholomew Rodak in Legnica weekly KONKRETY.PL "10/02/2010)

Over 3 million people have completed the first part of the television series "Mała Moskwa" / "Little Moscow" seen
The Sunday evening in the Polish TV station TVP1 (March 7, 2010 at 21:15) shown the first part of the series "Mała Moskwa" ("Little Moscow") directed and the screenplay by Waldemar Krzystek saw 3.071 million viewers. One in five switched to Polish television worldwide (20.56% share), the story of the tragic, politically forbidden love wife of a Soviet pilot, Wiera, and the Polish officer, Michał realities in Legnica / Legnica, which was called Little Moscow years ago shown.
(News from the town hall in Legnica / Legnica from 08/03/2010)