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Existing infrastructure

Road infrastructure

Roads by category:

  1. Municipal roads within the City:
  • with a hard surface 150 km
    • including those with an improved hard surface 142 km
  1. County roads within the City:
  • with a hard surface 55 km
    • including those with an improved hard surface 55 km
  1. Regional and national roads running through the City or bordering on its area:
  • National roads:
    • Motorway A4: running from the border with Germany at Jędrzychowice to the border crossing with Ukraine at Korczowa – Krakowiec
    • Expressway S3: running from Świnoujście to Lubawka (the border with the Czech Republic)
    • No. 94: running from Zgorzelec (the border with Germany) to Radymno and farther towards the border with Ukraine
  • Regional roads:
    • No. 333: Leszno – Lubin
    • No. 364: Gryfów Śląski - Legnica

Railway infrastructure

  1. Railway lines:
  • Line No. 137 (284 km), connecting Katowice and Legnica. “Line with freight priority”.
  • Line No. 275 (193 km), connecting Wrocław Muchobór and Gubinek (the border with Germany). “Line with passenger priority” in the section between Wrocław and Miłkowice, and a “line with freight priority” in the section between Miłkowice and Żagań.
  • Line No. 284 (88 km), connecting Legnica and Jerzmanice Zdrój. In the passenger transport, only the railway junction stations which are common to those lines and sections used for passenger traffic are operated. In the freight traffic, the whole section which is now designated as Line No. 284 between Legnica and Jerzmanice Zdrój is operated.
  • Line No. 289 (39 km), connecting Legnica and Rudna Gwizdanów.
  1. Railway sidings: branching off on the track between the Legnica Wschód Station and Jawor Station from the Track No. 201 via the Switch No. 301 at km 278 of the railway line No. 137 between Katowice and Legnica, managed by PKP PLK S.A.

Nearest intermodal terminals:

  1. SCHAVEMAKER INVEST SP. Z. O.O., 1 Fabyczna Street, 55 – 080 Kąty Wrocławskie
  2. PCC Brzeg Dolny Terminal, 6 Sienkiewicza Street, 56 – 120 Brzeg Dolny

Energy prepared on the basis of the "Assumptions to the plan for the supply of heat, electricity and gaseous fuels for the city of Legnica for the years 2020-2035" updated by Resolution No. LXIII/690/23 of the Legnica City Council on November 27, 2023.

  • Heat supply – the main company which supplies heat for the purposes of district heating and domestic hot water in Legnica is Wojewódzkie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej w Legnicy Spółka Akcyjna (WPEC w Legnicy S.A.) (Voivodship Heat Supply Company in Legnica), with its registered seat at 48 Poznańska Street, 59-220 Legnica. The district heating system of the WPEC is supplied from two independent sources. The main heat source is the Central Heating Plant (3 boilers with installed capacity of  139.56 MW), located in the northern part of the City in Dobrzejowska Street, which is the basic source in the heating season. Moreover, in Niklowa Street there is the so-called “Górka" Heating Plant, which is a source operating to prepare domestic hot water in the summer period and in special cases in the winter period to meet the needs of users connected to a separated network area (2 boilers with installed capacity of  23.26 MW).
  • Electricity supply - TAURON Dystrybucja S.A., Branch in Legnica, is the distributor of the electricity networks within the City. Within the limits of Legnica, there are: the high-voltage (24333 m), medium voltage (316427 m) and low voltage (666654 m) networks and 20/0.4 kV (464 sites) and 110/20 kV (5 sites) transformer stations (as of the end of 2022). The technical condition of the networks is good. Sites in the City are supplied with electricity from 110/20kV electrical substations (main supply terminals) connected to 110 kV distribution lines. Information on the entities which have applied for connection of sources with rated voltage exceeding 1 kV is available on the website of  TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.
  • Gas supply Polska Spółka Gazownictwa Sp. z o.o. (Polish Gas Distribution Group), Gasworks Branch in Wrocław, is the distributor of the gas infrastructure within the City limits. In Legnica, the gas networks have the following length:
    • 7391 m – with increased medium pressure,
    • 45483 m – with medium pressure,
    • 164303 m – with low pressure.

The networks are supplied from 2 stage I regulating and metering stations and 11 stage II regulating and metering stations (supplying low-pressure networks).

Water and wastewater: The services in the scope of water abstraction, purification and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment are provided by the municipal company of the Municipality of Legnica - Legnickie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji S.A (LPWiK) (Legnica Water Supply and Wastewater Collection Enterprise). At present, the range of operation of the Company includes not only Legnica but also the surrounding municipalities. The Company operates and maintains a total of 315 km of the water supply network and 269 km of the wastewater collection network.