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Bishop Stefan Cichy

Bishop Stefan Cichy – born on 30th March 1939 in Przyszowice near Gliwice. In 1957 he started higher studies at the Higher Seminary in Cracow. On 23rd June 1963 he took holy Presbyterian orders from the bishop Herbert Bednorz. Between 1967 and 1971 he studied at the Pope’s Theological Faculty in Cracow and then (1971-1974) at the Catholic Theology Faculty at the Vienna University where he got a Philosophy Doctor degree (of liturgy). He served ministration in church in the following positions: between 1963-1968 – a vicar at the St. Szczepan Parish in Katowice-Bogucice; 1968-1971 – a vicar at the Cathedral Parish in Katowice; 1971-1975 – an assistant at the St. Gertruda Chapliancy in Wiedeń; 1975 – a vicar at the Mary Immaculate Parish in Katowice. For 26 years he was a lecturer of liturgy at the Silesian Higher Seminary (from 1975 in Cracow, and from 1980 in Katowice). In the years 1977-1978 – a vice-rector of a seminary in Cracow; 1978-1980 – he acted as the rector of the seminary in Cracow; 1980-1992 – he was the rector of the Silesian Higher Seminary in Kato-wice; 1985-1994 – a president of the Diocese Liturgical Committee in Katowice . From 1985 to 2004 – an associate of the „Gość Niedzielny” weekly (trans. Sunday Visitor) . Between 1992-1998 – a Presbyterian father confessor of Katowice archdiocese. From 1995 – a chief editor of „Śląskie Studia Teologiczno-Historyczne” (trans. Silesian Theological and Historical Studies). From 11th June 1998 to 29th April 2005 – a vicar general of Katowice archdiocese.
On 26th August 1998 he was nominated an assisting bishop of Katowice archdiocese. He took his bishop orders on 12th September 1998 in Katowice Cathedral from archbishop Da-mian Zimoń. As a bishop’s motto he has chosen the following words: „Per Crucem ad Lu-cem” („Through the Cross to The Light”).
On the tenth anniversary of taking bishop’s holy orders, Polish liturgists prepared two memorial books („Mirabile laudis canticum Liturgia Godzin: dzieje i teologia) (trans. Hour Liturgy: history and theology) – The Opole University and „Roczniki Teologiczne” (trans. Theological Annuals) – The Catholic University in Lublin /no 8 of 2008/), that include exten-sive scholarly achievements (over 400 items). Among them there are: „Przybądź Duchu Święty. Nabożeństwa na Rok Ducha Świętego” (trans. Come The Holy Spirit. Church servic-es for the Year of the Holy Spirit) (Katowice 1998), and „Uczestnicy czy niemi świadkowie” (trans. Participants or Speechless Witnesses) (Kielce 2005). The articles have been published, among others, in collected works and magazines: „Collectanea Theologica”, „Liturgia sacra”, „Ruch Biblijny i Liturgiczny” (trans. Bible and Liturgical Movement), „Śląskie Studia Teologiczno-Historyczne” (trans. Silesian Theological and Historical Studies) .
Since 1999 he has been nominated a member of the Committee for God Worship and Sa-craments’ Discipline of The Polish Episcopate Conference. Since 2001 he has been the chairman of this committee.
On 19th March 2005 the Pope John Paul II appointed him to be the Bishop of Legnica City. He took office as Legnica Bishop during the ceremonial installation on 30th April 2005.
On 10th October 2007 – at the ceremony of St. Jadwiga the Silesian – he inaugurated the First Synod of Legnica Diocese. He established a few new parishes, including the ones in Dziwiszów, Szczytnica, Złotoryja.