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[2010] Priest Władysław Jóźków

A prelate, a long-standing parish priest of the Holy Trinity Parish in Legnica, a chaplain of the working people environment, has been the chaplain of the Association of Siberian Deportees since 1991 i.e. the moment of its founding.

He was born on 12 January 1922 in Chrostków ( Ternopil Province, Lviv Archdiocese). He graduated from the Seminary in Wrocław, he was ordained by the bishop Bolesław Kominek. He started his pastoral service as a curate in the parishes in Żary and in Wrocław. In 1970 he assumed the Holy Trinity Parish as an administrator, supporting the work of the parish priest Rev. Tadeusz Korczyk, and after his death in 1975 he took over the duties of the parish priest. Since the moment of founding the Legnica Diocese he has been the chaplain of the working people environment. In 2004 he received the title of His Holiness's prelate (a Holy Father's honorary prelate). In 2008 he finished working as the parish priest at the Holy Trinity Parish, remaining there as a senior resident.

He performed his pastoral work with great commitment and dedication. He contributed to the foundation of new parishes on the areas of newly created residential districts in Legnica. He took up many actions, persistently fighting to receive permissions to build churches in the times that were difficult and unfriendly to such enterprises and their initiators. Thanks to his efforts new parishes were founded, first the parishes of St. Mary Queen of Poland, Raising of St. Cross, Lord Jesus's Holy Heart, and then of St. Joachim and Anne as well as of St. Adalbert.

The prelate took care of his parishioners' spiritual development, not forgetting their material needs at the same time. He organised Christmas gifts. He actively supported the activity of the charity canteen. He offered his experience and help to the Working People Chaplaincy, organising their meetings at the presbytery, especially in the difficult period of founding “Solidarity” and the martial law. He took part in all conventions of the Working People Chaplaincy, representing workers and propagating the catholic social science. Rev. Władysław Jóźków offered his spiritual support and his experience also in the environment of the Siberian Deportees and the Borderlanders [inhabitants of the former Polish eastern territory taken over by the USSR in 1939]. He is the longest working chaplain in Legnica. He is a recognised authority amongst many environments of the city and outside it.



Priest Władysław Jóźków